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Semi UK-59 Info

The MarColMar Semi UK-59's patent pending design, uses the best engineering and components, to create a semi-auto copy that is virtually indistinguishable from the original gun.

Our Semi UK-59 begins as a 40 pound block of 4140 steel, which is CNC milled to the exact dimensions of the original UK-59 receiver, with the exception of larger internal rails, and a different interior profile where the front of the bolt carrie
r meets the receiver.  This ensures that the receiver is considered semi-auto by the ATF, and perfectly legal to own.

MarColMar then contracted with Lothar Walther of Germany, to order custom 7.62x54r machine gun grade barrel blanks, which we then turned to the exact O.D. dimensions of the original UK-59.  These blanks are then chrome-lined by the same company that does many of the industry's best manufacturers, to give you same quality barrel as was the original.

MarColMar's ATF approved semi-auto design also retains the original method of charging the gun, via a movable pistol grip.  This unique feature ensured that the squad gunner could keep their firing hand on the pistol grip at all times, allowing them to keep their eyes on the target and provide for extremely fast clearing of misfires and misfeeds.  This was the very same design feature many thought could never be retained in an approved design, and keeps the spirit of the original design alive for modern collectors and shooters.

This design results in a semi conversion that is virtually indistinguishable from the original gun.  The incorporation of the semi-hammer or striker converts the gun to closed bolt operation.  The assembly of the gun retains as many of the original parts as is legal, but keeps the imported parts count within the limits of 922(r).  The imported parts count is kept to just 8, as follows:

Muzzle attachment (flash hider)
Bolt Carrier (although modified to not include the full auto sear catch)
Gas Piston
Trigger Housing
Pistol Grip
Magazine (belt)

The final product is then assembled and finished to as close as original as possible.  The barrel is blued, and the gun itself is finished in vz. blue/black, creating a beautiful firearm that you'll be proud to own and shoot!  Each gun is also test fired before shipment, to ensure your gun will operate correctly, right out of the box! 

We have included photos below, and will be uploading a video of its operation soon, so stay tuned!

Below are actual pics of production guns!

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