The complete package sells for JUST $4,995 and includes all the extras of our other UKM, EXCEPT DOUBLE CANS AND BELTS!

    - 2 x 250 Round Cans w/ 5 Belts
    - 2 x 50 Round Cans w/ Belt
    - Gunner's Pouch w/ Maintenance and Cleaning Tools
    - Translated original Czech Military Manual
    - MarColMar Semi Auto Uk Manual
    - Militec Oil and Grease
    - Warranty Card

WHY DID MARCOLMAR BUILD THE UKM??? The UKM’s unique synthesis of the PKM and the UK-59 creates a new weapon system that addresses
the potential shortcomings of each of the original designs:

Better than the PKM:
    - milled construction vs. PKM sheet metal – no receiver stretching or rivets or trunnions to break
    - push through belt allows a shorter overall length
    - faster barrel change – no feedtray to lift – no lock to move
    - breaks down into smaller components - easier cleaning and maintenance
    - picatinny rail compatible with AR fold down sights or optics
    - forward three-rail picatinny for bipods, lights, lasers, forward grips, etc.
    - pistol grip cocking of the UK, replaces the fragile bolt handle of the PKM

    - replacement parts are much more affordable

Better than the Uk-59:
    - moves the bipod to the receiver - providing easier barrel changes

    - picatinny rail compatible with AR fold down sights or optics
    - forward three-rail picatinny for mounting bipods, lights, lasers, forward grips, etc.
    - synthetic furniture impervious to moisture, heat, or swelling, and provides a correct handhold while firing
    - updated flash hider which is more efficient than original cone type

IF YOU MISSED OUT ON OUR SEMI PKM (now selling for $10k or more!), DO NOT MISS THE NEW UKM!  EXTREMELY LIMITED PRODUCTION!!  We took the best features of the PKM and the Uk vz. 59, and merged them into a new weapon system which provides the best features of both worlds.   Even better, we added features like a forward picatinny tri-rail system, and picatinny sight rail, as well as AR-15 sight height commonality - to provide features neither gun could provide!  This gun is destined to be a classic!  Built using a modified Uk vz. 59 receiver, it also features an 18 inch chrome-lined barrel vs. 22 inch, relocated bipod, and the new pattern flash hider...